Published Author - Tom Lubben

Death Among the Pines

February, 2022 - Austin Macauley

BJ Gleeson is sitting at a South Jersey bar with his new girlfriend when an old woman totters in and sits down next to them. Crying and mumbling, she opens a small box to show a bloodied severed finger. "It’s my daughter!' she sobs. New Jersey Pine Barrens pictured.

Pine Barrens, New Jersey

Follow Gleeson, a divorced family man and washed up baseball player turned teacher & amateur detective, as this event catapults him into a labyrinth of bizarre murders, which could be historical, gang related, or cult based, in the middle of a cold winter in the New Jersey Pine Barrens at the turn of the 21st Century. New Jersey Pine Barrens Fire pictured.

Pines Barren, New Jersey Fires

Watch as this complex and troubled man uses his historical savvy to point toward the solution of several vicious and bloody murders that have all occurred between the dawning of the new Millennium and Easter of 32000. New Jersey Pine Barrens Woods pictured.

Pines Barren, New Jersey Woods